Efficient, large-scale OBS operations

Magseis ASA is a Norwegian geophysical company founded in 2009 specialising in OBS - Ocean Bottom Seismic Acquisition. The management team and staff have extensive experience in geophysics and marine seismic operations. Our proprietary Marine Autonomous Seismic System - MASS, allows us to operate in water depths from 0 to 3000m.

The fully automated system provides safe and efficient operations. The use of robots also makes the handling system a safe no-hands operation.

Our head office is in Lysaker, Norway, and supported by Marine Operations located in Bergen. Sensor Technology R&D and engineering is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Crew Services are located in Singapore and we have a sales office located in Houston, USA.

Magseis has been listed on Oslo Stock Exchange since June 2014.

Magseis Node Capsule
Magseis Node Capsule

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