Welcome to the Magseis ASA Investor Relations section.

Magseis ASA is a rapidly growing, international Ocean Bottom Seismic (“OBS”) company. The Company was established in 2009 with the vision of re-shaping the OBS market through reducing acquisition costs for our clients. Since 2013 Magseis has delivered on that vision while building up an impressive track-record with some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world. The Company is now embarking on the next phase of its development through the expansion from one to three operations while also expanding its regional presence through offices in Sweden, Singapore and the United States. The Company’s MASS technology combined with advances in source technology provides the foundation for significant cost reductions in the years to come which will help drive OBS industry growth as well as firmly establish Magseis’ leadership position within the sector.

Magseis ASA strives to ensure equal treatment of all stakeholders, and complies with the Oslo Børs Code of Practice for reporting investor information. Communication with shareholders and analysts has a high priority for Magseis ASA. We believe that objective and timely information to the market is a prerequisite for a fair valuation of our assets and continuously seek ways to enhance our communication with the investment community.