Magseis wins Supplier Recognition Award from ConocoPhillips

«Innovate planning, quick troubleshooting and excellent communication» These are the statements of ConocoPhillips, summing up the reason behind their selection of Magseis as one of the winners of the 2017 Supplier Recognition Award for our collaboration with partner WGP Group Ltd. on the 2017 Eldfisk seismic campaign.

From left to right: Anders Gustavsson, Jonathan Cudmore, David Stickler, Camille Lapierre, Anne Julie Gullaksen, Eldri Bøhn, Kristian Røislien, Cristiane Fong Nu, Tom Felland Krogh, Sandrine David, Bjorn Rommel and Nan Li. (Not all personnel were present when image was taken, even so we are proud of these representatives from all their respective departments)

The Eldfisk survey was our first large scale job utilising our container-based handling system (MASS Modular), the system that was part of the basic idea when Magseis was founded. Magseis MASS Modular is a portable solution that can be mobilised quickly across the globe on multiple platforms. Thanks to the small size of our MASS node, the solution facilitates full automation. The system is based on standard 10’ and 20’ containers and is hence easily transportable as well as having a very small footprint. The system can fit onto any kind of platform offshore, provided sufficient deck space, including vessels of opportunity or vessels already on charter with Client. Magseis MASS-Modular has an unlimited capacity of nodes and is designed to be scalable depending on client requirements and needs.

The two ROVs and the use of high capacity skids with our miniaturised MASS nodes enabled high efficient deployment and retrieval of nodes.

All employees at Magseis take pride in the award and we are especially proud of our team and crew who made this project into the success which led to us winning. We also hold high the mentioning of communication as a key factor since internal communication and tight collaboration between departments is key factor in our everyday jobs and our ability to setting new standards within the seismic industry.

The building and mobilisation of the of the MASS-Modular system was performed by our experienced and very practical oriented engineers, navigators and geophysical team. The benefit of our «One core technology» and the lean and efficient organisation within Magseis made the Modular-MASS arrive ready tuned to meet the requirements for the Eldfisk Ocean Bottom Seismic campaign.

From left top: Martin Kinsella and Roar Lunde two of our key personnel on the Eldfisk campaign. Andrea Parent inspecting nodes from the ROV after retrieval from seabed.

Our colleagues Jonathan Cudmore and Roar Lunde were both key to the successful project. They are both highly experienced with a practical approach into solving any challenge. They take pride in the innovations and team-effort which made the Eldfisk-project earn the recognition awarded from our client, ConocoPhillips.

Read the press release from ConocoPhillips here