Mapping the Red Sea

Magseis has been operating successfully in the Red Sea since July 2016. Together with our partner, BGP Arabia, we have been acquiring ocean bottom seismic (OBS) data in an extremely challenging area with water depths ranging from 1-1,1000m in combination with complex seabed topography. The geology is salt dominated, with shallow carbonates on the seabed and deep targets below salt layers of variable thickness, making any seismic operation challenging.

It is truly encouraging to see that we are delivering on such large scale and high profiled surveys with our MASS technology. It proves superior in these challenging conditions and we are proud to set the standards for large scale OBS projects and keeping our promise to significantly reduce the cost of OBS acquisition”, Bjørn Jensen, COO at Magseis, comments.

Magseis qualified its superior MASS technology for Saudi Aramco in the area with a test in 2015, and it stood out from competing technologies. The result has been outstanding, two large surveys, delivery of high quality data and significant cost reductions to Saudi Aramco.

Want to learn more about Saudi Aramco’s thoughts about mapping the Red Sea and Magseis’ contribution with MASS – please visit Saudi Aramco’s webpage for the full article.