Magseis Fairfield is a leading provider of Ocean Bottom Seismic Acquisition services

We have introduced our proprietary Marine Autonomous Seismic System (MASS) to the market since 2013 and we are courageously working to dramatically reduce the overall cost of OBS surveys.

Our miniaturised node sensor is at the core of our technology, and allows us to apply multiple applications for deployment and retrieval. In combination with fully automated node management and logistics, we are introducing unparalleled efficiencies and safer operations.

Magseis Fairfields’ MASS node is depth rated from 0-3,000m, allowing uniform node technology across various water depths.

Magseis Fairfields’ service offering is to operate large equipment spreads, share a pool of nodes across different deployment platforms to optimize the productivity depending on the area:

MASS Cable

Deployment by steelwire or rope.

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MASS Modular
MASS Reservoir Monitoring
Ultra Deep Water Vehicle