Cable Deployment

Cable operations is the cornerstone of Magseis’ vision to re-shape the Ocean Bottom Seismic market and offer large scale, efficient and cost effective OBS acquisition services.

The sensor capsules are inserted into node houses along a steel cable and deployed onto the seabed. With unlimited number of sensors available, Magseis offers high capacity cable operations, covering record-breaking areas and unparalleled productivity. The weight density of the MASS Cable system provides industry leading positioning accuracy and excellent sea floor contact resulting in top quality multicomponent data. The robustness of MASS cable enables acquisition in areas with seabed obstructions, complex seabed topography and deployment in significantly deeper water depths than that of competing cable or rope based technologies.

Close pass, sourceline acquisition - North Sea

MASS Cable has a proven track record from start of operations in 2013 and set a record breaking deployment of ~350km of cable in a rolling spread on Saudi Aramco’s S78 project in the Red Sea.

Mageseis’ next generation MASS Cable Crew will have capacity of up to 10,000 nodes and 1,000km of of cable, resulting in substantially higher efficiency and lowest cost offering in the industry.

Magseis’ business model is to operate large equipment spreads, share a pool of nodes across different deployment platforms.

MASS Cable

Deployment by steelwire or rope.

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