Magseis Fairfield offers large scale and step-changing efficiencies to Ocean Bottom Seismic acquisition services to clients worldwide using its proprietary Marine Autonomous Seismic System (MASS).
MASS consists of ultra-compact 4C sensor capsules, fully automated handling systems and data download. The lightweight nodes enable us to carry unlimited number of nodes and increase the size of the receiver spread deployed on the seabed. The automated handling systems significantly improve operational efficiencies by deploying and retrieving faster and superior logistics of equipment. This means that we dramatically can reduce the time required acquire OBS surveys and reduce the overall cost.

Magseis Fairfields’ MASS node is depth rated from 0-3,000m water depth, allowing uniform node technology across various water depths.

Varg Field, Close Pass sourceline shooting

The full range of capabilities of the MASS, has been proven over 4 years of operations and has demonstrated its robustness and efficiency gains.

Albatross Field, Barents Sea operating in rough sea up to 6m waveheights

The company has mainly been operating on producing fields for monitoring purposes, but have also seen increased interest for OBS for exploration purposes. In 2015, Magseis Fairfield acquired its first multi-client survey in the Barens Sea, where they provided full-azimuth data and using the s-wave for imaging below the famous gas-cloud “Tåkehavet” (“Sea of Fog”). As the capacity and node count increases, it will be easier to deploy larger spreads on the seabed, which in turn will enable reduced cost and trigger OBS as the right tool in the toolbox for exploration activities.

Malaysia, operating close to installations

Red Sea operating complex seabed conditions. Depths varies from 0 to 1 100m

Magseis Fairfields’ business model is to operate large equipment spreads, share a pool of nodes across different deployment platforms.

MASS Cable

Deployment by steelwire or rope.

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MASS Modular
MASS Reservoir Monitoring
Ultra Deep Water Vehicle