Magseis AS and Seismic Apparition GmbH have signed an exclusive Technology Agreement for seabed seismic to jointly develop and implement a new innovative technology that will significantly reduce the operational time without compromising on data quality. To optimize productivity for OBS acquisition, it is critical to ensure a balance between receiver and source effort, which is particularly important for rolling spreads. With Magseis now already deploying large spreads with increased efficiencies, the next game-changing efficiency gain is to be found on the source side – in Seismic Apparition’s Source Isolation™ technology.

From left: Box Quad Source Isolation, Triple Source Isolation and Quad Source Isolation result in up to doubling productivity while increasing data quality through enhanced fold and denser source grids.

Source Isolation™ is a comprehensively field-proven acquisition and processing technology that is designed to provide full-fold, full-length, reservoir quality data from exploration spreads. The technology does not rely on distance separated sources and hence allows to acquire a multitude of full-fold source lines with each single vessel pass. This is a major differentiator from any other commercial technology as it allows a much bigger “paint brush” while still maintaining, and even increasing, fold and signal-to-noise in the data.

Source isolation™ is partly based on the science of signal apparition which was introduced by Prof. Dr. Johan Robertsson, the founder of Seismic Apparition GmbH, and Prof. Dr. Lasse Amundsen (Statoil) in 2015 and 2016. Source Isolation uses a deterministic approach and results in what is known as a “flawless diamond” in fk space where the data are perfectly separated. The optimally large flawless diamond zone is complemented by a full bandwidth high fidelity zone of the isolated source contributions.

Cost reduction is one of the key drivers for the broadening and expansion of the OBS market. It is expected that the implementation of this technology can reduce the cost of acquiring OBS data by another 30-50%. The Source Isolation technology is applicable both for reservoir 4D projects and more regional surveys.

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